My Prayers For Those in Alberta 

Deat Father

  Allow everyone affected in Fort MCMurray fires to find safety, strength and courage to start new after the horrible fires!!

Help families join together and reunite safely and wholely!!!

Allow our Country and our allies to support the province of Alberta”” Amen 

Trouble with Timmims Doctors

The touble with Northern Ontario is that the health care services and doctors are lacking. 

Dealing with conditions that require added assistance and/or the need to have more than medications that are only temporary solutions is extremely hard.  

This is where I can relate to those struggling as since I was 12 years old, I have struggled with severe and debilitating menstrual cycles.  Doctors have never given me any viable options beaides try this medication or that one. My system is finicy and will rejext or build intolerance to medications after 4 months.

Doctors need to be more patient centred and not just push medication on people and consoder alternatives for those whose lives are negatively impacted by conditions.  

My advice is become your own advocate and yes I am trying to follow it – reaearch options, other treatment centres and specialists and contact them on your own.

Do not give up hope!!!

Mother’s Day Challenge

Dear readers

I apologize for my absence from this wonderful blog, life became a bit hectic and chaotic between work and life.  I am not complaining as I am enjoying working more hours and being around the public more.

It is May and spring finally feels that it is here – time for renewal and new life.

Mother’s day is around the corner, which is where my challenge comes  from – make this Mother’s Day month – every day this month do something special for the mother in your life!! Show Halmatk that they should not focus in only bottom line and make a statement about the commercialization of family and holidays! Bring back the importance of love and get in touch with your inner child and be crafty!!

For all the mothrer’s out there – put youraelf on your list and find ways to spoil yourself guilt free!! You deserve it!!!!  Even mothers of “fur children” only – spoil yourself too – love and animals are family important too!!!’


Depression Info

In fact, many people with depression suffer from chronic pain or other physical symptoms. These include:
Headaches. These are fairly common in people with depression. If you already had migraine headaches, they may seem worse if you’re depressed.

Back pain. If you already suffer with back pain, it may be worse if you become depressed.

Muscle aches and joint pain.Depression can make any kind of chronic pain worse.

Chest pain. Obviously, it’s very important to get chest pain checked out by an expert right away. It can be a sign of serious heart, stomach, lung or other problems. But depression can contribute to the discomfort associated with chest pain.

Digestive problems. You might feel queasy or nauseated. You might have diarrhea or become chronically constipated.

Exhaustion and fatigue. No matter how much you sleep, you may still feel tired or worn out. Getting out of the bed in the morning may seem very hard, even impossible.

Sleeping problems. Many people with depression can’t sleep well anymore. They wake up too early or can’t fall asleep when they go to bed. Others sleep much more than normal.

Change in appetite or weight. Some people with depression lose their appetite and lose weight. Others find they crave certain foods — like carbohydrates — and weigh more.

Dizziness or lightheadedness. 

This evening I find myself drawn to share some quotes on a topic that not only affects myself but people I care about.

It is a topic which although has made some progress is ending the “stigma” associated with it, I feel that our society and cultures still have a long way to go. 

Work forces need to have sensitivity training and a better understanding of the human condition instead of individuals being treated like a number.  

There are still so many people who suffer in silence due to the fear of judgement, upbringings, cliches that do more harm then good amd so many people who are struggling  to find their voice and speak out. 

Many people do not realize that depression and mental health come with not just emotional pain but physical side effects too.   Thr symptoms can be body aches, migranes, nauseau, lethargicness, weakness and much more.