Trouble with Timmims Doctors

The touble with Northern Ontario is that the health care services and doctors are lacking. 

Dealing with conditions that require added assistance and/or the need to have more than medications that are only temporary solutions is extremely hard.  

This is where I can relate to those struggling as since I was 12 years old, I have struggled with severe and debilitating menstrual cycles.  Doctors have never given me any viable options beaides try this medication or that one. My system is finicy and will rejext or build intolerance to medications after 4 months.

Doctors need to be more patient centred and not just push medication on people and consoder alternatives for those whose lives are negatively impacted by conditions.  

My advice is become your own advocate and yes I am trying to follow it – reaearch options, other treatment centres and specialists and contact them on your own.

Do not give up hope!!!


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